11 Best Professional AI Resume Builder Tools In 2022

Having a good resume doesn’t guarantee you a job interview. You need to look at your resume from an employer’s point of view and see how effective it looks.

It’s important to get the resume right before you apply for job opportunities. It’s an essential part of the application and it’s more of a marketing document than a simple bio in your career. You can think of it as a sort of advert that you’re creating to promote yourself and it needs to be effective.

We all know that resumes play a significant role in getting that interview. There are many reasons; since the employer wants to learn more about you, your resume makes it easier for the employer to choose the candidate to choose, etc.

Do you know how employers decide on whom to interview? They do it by scanning your resume.

According to the employer did not fully understand statistics within 6 seconds, you are already losing the battle. Getting an interview with the help of your resume is crucial since it is the first impression you leave on your potential employer. You need to make it perfect.

The fact is; the resume is the initial medium of introduction for getting that job. We all know that resumes are important, but the question is; what should you do to make your resume stand out?

Best AI Resume Builder Tools

Let us tell you the secret weapon that might help you get a job interview: artificial intelligence.

Gone are the days when we applied for jobs the traditional way, i.e. we had to write a resume and submit it along with a cover letter. Nowadays, we can use an AI-powered tool to create a powerful resume and help us get the job we desire. 

But if you’re using the wrong tools to create it, then you’re wasting your time.

It is a tough task to find a job once you have been laid off. Finding jobs will not be the hardest part, the hardest part is getting noticed. And that’s where AI comes in. And this is where AI comes into play.

With the help of AI, you can easily build a perfect resume by yourself and check your resume for mistakes one more time. The whole idea is to give you the best chances of landing a job interview.

That is why we have collected the top 11 best Artificial Intelligence content tools that will help you create a creative resume and guarantee to give you the best chances of landing a job interview.

Top 11 Best AI Resume Builder Tools In 2021

Rezi: GPT-3 Powered Free Resume Builder

Rezi: GPT-3 Powered Free ATS Resume Builder

In case you are looking for a Resume Builder that can help you land a job interview, then you should check out Rezi. Rezi is the leading AI Resume Builder that helps people design beautiful, professional resumes in minutes. 

Rezi is a GPT-3 powered resume builder created by a team of experts. This resume builder uses data-driven insights to make your resume stand out from the competition. Based on your skills and work experience, Rezi will help you create a resume that will make recruiters notice you.

You can choose from dozens of templates to build your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, or simply use Rezi’s AI to build one for you. Rezi also offers resume reviews to help you create the perfect resume for your next job application.

The first thing you’ll need to do is select your industry of focus and things begin to move forward from there. Rezi lets you put your professional capabilities and experience on display in no time by kindly requesting you link up your work and education details as well as your social media profiles. 

Once you’ve completed the first step, the following pages will prompt you to fill up all of your contact details, along with a short breakdown of all of your relevant achievements. You can mention your education, accreditation, experience, skills, etc., so it’s best not to leave anything out. While filling out your professional summary, you can also mention your passions for sports or music if preferred. 

Upon completion of this section, Rezi optimizes the resume automatically by inserting appropriate keywords that are pertinent to that specific industry or position being sought after.

Rezi AI-powered content platform identifies common content errors, like missing bullet points, buzzwords, and more. With real-time analysis feedback that adapts to key job description trends with dramatic precision, Rezi helps you optimize your portfolio for the right roles by giving you actionable advice on how to improve your content.

To get started, paste the job description for the position of your choice into the tool so it can match up your qualifications to landing selective keywords which are being searched for by automated applicant tracking systems.

And since getting past a company’s ATS is instrumental in getting passed onto a hiring manager’s desk, optimizing your content with these keywords will help you beat the bots and stand out among cookie-cutter applications. The resume tool will “tailor” your CV specifically for each job opening based on keywords pulled from the posting itself.

✔️ Rezi Pros

  • Build free resume
  • Keyword optimization
  • Quick and hassle-free experience

❌ Rezi Cons

  • Only one resume in the free version
  • Limited templates and fonts
  • No access without a subscription

💲 Rezi Pricing

  1. Free: No card required
  2. Plus ($9/month): Create unlimited cover letters and resumes.
  3. Pro($29/month): 100K AI credits, access to all Rezi features.
  4. Lifetime($49/month): +250K AI credits, quantity limited to only 20!

Skillroads – AI Resume Maker

Skillroads - AI Resume Maker

Helping millennials understand the importance of a good resume when seeking employment sometimes seems like an uphill battle. Many young adults have no clue what to place in their work history and skill sections, and most do not have a clue how resumes should be structured. 

Skillroads has developed a way for job seekers to fill out a personalized guide featuring everything they will need to know about each section of their professional endeavors. Algorithms determine your personality type and work style, which then allows them to create a unique, high-quality document that employers will be drawn towards.

Strengthen your job search through artificial intelligence. Let algorithms help you find a better fit for your talents and skills in the Job Market, investigate what areas of Career and University degrees you’re interested in and look at Top Skills Report, instantly create a free Resume, and secure the Perfect Job Match through Skillroads’, let Skillroads helps build your perfect resume in minutes with advanced AI software, no more endless writing needed! 

The SkillRoads algorithm understands what employers want to see in resumes today much better than any writer could, so it’s very easy to use even for people who aren’t used to personal branding or CV/Resume building.

✔️ Skillroads Pros

  • Generate AI Resume for free
  • Questionnaire method
  • Paid services managed by writing experts

❌ Skillroads Cons

  • Errors in AI-generated CVs
  • Overwhelming prices
  • Limited personalization

💲 Skillroads Pricing

  1. Cover letter $60
  2. Resume + Cover letter $140
  3. Resume + Cover + LinkedIn profile editing $215

MosaicAI Resume

MosaicAI Resume Builder

The Mosaic AI Resume builder is one of the latest resume builders to be introduced in the market. It is a professional resume builder that makes use of artificial intelligence to provide you with the best resume possible.

Mosaic AI has been designed to give you a leg up on the competition and help you get your dream job. It is one of the most detailed and powerful resume builders that you will find online. The best part about it is that it is available for free and does not require any payment for its use.

Now, you can have a resume built for you without having to deal with the wordy mess that so many other services provide. Mosaic AI has made it possible to have a resume built for you in a matter of minutes. In addition to this, there’s the peace of mind of knowing that your resume will get past computerized screening processes.

Mosaic AI helps everyone with their resume. Believe it or not, people are more likely to be hired and promoted through the use of resumes. With AI technology and data Mosaic AI can help people write resumes that will attract recruiters and hiring managers. It may be a little harder than having someone else do it for you.

✔️ Mosaic AI Pros

  • Analyze Keywords/Topics from hiring teams
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses in the CV
  • Better optimization

❌ Mosaic AI Cons

  • Limited templates and fonts
  • Time taking process
  • Minor punctuation errors

💲 Mosaic Pricing

  1. Free


Autoresume- Free AI Resume and Cover Letter Builder

You can now create your CV with the help of AI on Autoresume, which is an online resume builder. This way, you can create a CV quicker than ever before without having to worry about all the small errors that we’re sure may slip through during human creation. 

Using the service, you submit the details that are then analyzed by their program using an algorithm to inform you of some important details regarding your profile and the nature of your job experience. With this information, you will be able to find some suitable keywords for your CV automatically to make it more unique. 

Autoresume offers you over 200 job-specific templates to choose from so that you can create an astounding blend of your professional experience and knowledge into an unforgettable CV! 

You are even provided with some great templates out of which you can choose one depending on the desired job role or profession of choice. Let AI edit your CV automatically according to some high-level parameters that it had previously discovered by analyzing huge amounts of relevant data! 

Autoresume is one of the best tools presently available for all professionals who want to improve their chances of getting hired, easily and fast!

✔️ Autoresume Pros

  • Free trial
  • Choose between Manual/AI
  • Attractive templates

❌ Autoresume Cons

  • Slightly higher pricing
  • Few errors in AI-generated content
  • Limited personalization

💲 Autoresume Pricing

  1. Free 
  2. Basic $2.95/3days
  3. Premium $12.95/month

Hirenation – Best AI Resume Builder for Tech Jobs

Hirenation - Best AI Resume Builder for Tech Jobs

✔️ Hirenation Pros

  • Free trial available
  • Powerful resume reviewer
  • Useful suggestions for optimizing
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Build ATS friendly, keyword-rich resumes
  • Relevant Interview questions, answers on the basis of your Resume and Job Role

❌ Hirenation Cons

  • No AI resume assistance in the free version
  • No live resume review in the free version
  • No job resume matcher in the free version

💲 Hirenation Pricing

  1. Free 
  2. $10/month
  3. $86/year

Resumestar – Free Online Resume Builder

Resumestar - Free Online AI Resume Builder

Individuals who are looking for ways to land their dream job in the prestigious Information Technology sector can benefit by using Resumestar’s free online resume generator that allows users to create professional resumes and cover letters in minutes. Resumestar uses algorithms to analyze the data, and the resume builder is designed to give users a professional-looking resume in minutes. 

Resumestar enables you to pay attention to what truly matters in addition to offering you an original, modern-style one-page resume that praises your uniqueness and capabilities. Users can choose the desired formatting style, a color palette, and a layout. Resumestar also offers a wide range of resume templates, and the builder allows users to edit the content and insert keywords that match their job targets.

For any entry-level job seekers/freshers or students endowed in the IT industry, Resumestar’s AI-based Resume formulation processes will be of great support as it considers all aforementioned specialties and aptitudes.

No matter how challenging the current climate may seem, individuals also have a chance to stand out from a large number of applicants by taking advantage of this free yet highly efficient AI-powered online resume generator.

✔️ Resumestar Pros

  • Free online tool
  • Modern one-page resume
  • Resume accreditation and standardization

❌ Resumestar Cons

  • Designed for IT Industry
  • Data theft is possible through QR code
  • Limited personalization

💲 Resumestar Pricing

  1. Free


Enhancv - Free Online Resume Creator

Enhancv is an AI-powered resume builder that helps you create a powerful resume It captures your work experience, skills, education, and other details about you, which can assist many job seekers in need of assistance with their resume writing endeavors without any design skills required, then it automatically generates a beautiful resume that is optimized for the job you are applying for. It’s free to use, and best of all, it’s an online tool that you can access from anywhere.

Enhancv gives you the ability to control the content on your online resume by filling out details first and then adding sections one by one before moving on. There are 20 different sections to add to a free online resume, all of which are very practical too! Although, if you have any intentions of editing or making changes to your first resume, you will need a subscription.

✔️ Enhancv Pros

  • Precise resume building
  • 20 set of sections
  • More control over the process

❌ Enhancv Cons

  • Only one resume allowed in a free trial
  • Higher pricing than others
  • Confusing website interface

💲 Enhancv Pricing

  1. $19.99/month
  2. $44.97/quarterly
  3. $65.94/6months

Cvviz – AI Resume Screening Software

Cvviz - AI Resume Screening Software

Resume screening software is a very interesting and widely discussed topic nowadays. It is obvious that the unemployment rate is constantly increasing and many job seekers find it difficult to find a job. 

As a result, recruiters and HR managers face a huge problem: reviewing and screening resumes and CVs. The number of applications is huge, and most of the resumes contain the same information. It is hard to distinguish one candidate from another. CV screening software is the solution! 

CV screening software is a program that helps recruiters and HR managers sort resumes and CVs based on certain criteria. It simplifies the process of finding the most suitable candidate for a job.

For example, if you need a candidate with a medical degree, CV screening software can sort all resumes and CVs for you and find the most suitable candidate. 

Cvviz is a modern resume screening software that helps you find and hire the most suitable candidate, and it is very easy to use.

Cvviz is the only AI resume screening software that will help you find and hire the best talent more efficiently than ever before.

Cvviz is a revolutionary AI Resume Screening tool developed by hiring professionals specifically to help recruiters and employers find qualified candidates based on resume ratings and reviews. To cut down on the amount of time and money they spend on the hiring process. 

By applying Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to your applicant tracking system, Cvviz will automatically evaluate the skills, experience, and education of your applicants and rank them based on how well they match the job description.

CVViz will help you automatically screen more resumes, sort the best ones and find the most relevant matches to your job openings. An applicant tracking system within the platform enables them to source talent and ultimately find the right person for their job.

✔️ Cvviz Pros

  • 14-Day trial
  • Precise Resume Screening
  • Candidate sourcing and Applicant tracking system

❌ Cvviz Cons

  • Limited features under the free trial
  • No resume generating
  • Misleading at times

💲 Cvviz Pricing

  1. Starter at $59/month
  2. Basic at $99/month
  3. Standard at $169/month
  4. Pro at $299/month


ResumeMaker.Online - Build a Professional Resume for Free

ResumeMaker.Online aims to be the easiest-to-use resume maker tool, by making it easy for everyone (even for those who are non-tech savvy) to create an attractive and effective resume in minutes.

For many people, the experience of creating resumes is painful. Resumes made on Word are often bland. Even when finding templates, software like Photoshop or Indesign is sometimes difficult to learn (besides being paid). And unlike other resume building sites that provide abundant -and sometimes unnecessary- choices of templates and layouts, the approach

ResumeMaker.Online takes are way more straightforward, with only one clear and easy-to-read template that users can customize by adding or removing different types of information sections.

Color and the font can also be edited, as well as the font size.

There are 7 languages available users can select from the homepage, plus signing up is not required: once users land on the website, it only takes them one click to start editing their resume template. Users can also save the progress and continue later (this website DOES NOT collect any of the information users provide to design their resumes).

Finally, when the resume is ready, there are two download options.

ResumeMaker.Online provides a 100% free-of-charge resume download (with a small watermark) to all those job seekers who need a helping hand the most.

The only thing asked in return is to share a link to this website on one of the available social media channels (Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin).

There is also a PRO paid download with no watermark and higher resolution.

Recently the new 2.0 version has been released, and although most of the changes were under the hood to offer a totally new mobile experience and improve the website performance, there are also some new featured: now the PDF download can be longer than a single A4 and it looks better than ever, with 3 styles for displaying skills.

✔️ ResumeMaker.Online Pros

  • Free modern pdf resume maker

💲 ResumeMaker.Online Pricing

  • No signup is required.

Resume Shine – Smart Resume Score Checker

Resume Shine - Smart Resume Score Checker

Looking for a way to ensure your resume stands out in the crowd? Don’t know how to make your resume look creative and professional at the same time?

Shine.com’s smart score checker is a great way to analyze your resume and optimize it for better results that help you make the right impression. The Resume Shine system analyzes your resume in real-time, checking for spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, content structure, target audience, etc.

It also grades your resume on a scale of 1 to 100, giving you an instant idea of how strong your resume is. Along with analyzing your data, it also reviews your resume and gives suggestions to improve it accordingly. 

Before you do so, however, there’s a handy tool on the website that will allow you to search and hire writers for resume writing services. You will be able to obtain an excellent price. Their rates are quite affordable as they offer some competitive services at very cheap prices! The expert would however charge a small fee for draft-up an excellent resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile for you.

With the Resume Shine tool, you can instantly transform your resume into an online interactive resume that is interactive, responsive, and completely mobile-friendly. It has a simple drag and drops design that allows you to customize your resume in under a minute. You can also quickly change the look and feel of your resume with the pre-built resume templates.

✔️ Resume Shine Pros

  • Free resume score checker
  • Affordable writing services
  • Suggestions to improve resume

❌ Resume Shine Cons

  • No AI resume generator
  • Vague suggestions
  • Inaccurate scoring for the same resume

💲 Resume Shine Pricing

  1. Free

Score My Resume – Free Resume Score and Resume Checker

Score My Resume - Free Resume Score and Resume Checker

There are plenty of ways to check if your resume is up-to-par. Score My Resume, one of the many AI-powered tools available now, will analyze your resume and compare it directly to professionally written resumes, and determine how easy it is for hiring managers to read. 

Score My Resume generates a score that will help you see what’s working and what could be improved. By making some adjustments to your document, you have the potential to boost your chances of being selected for an interview even more!  

Additionally, this resume checker also lets you compare your resume with professional resumes so that you can understand which areas are keeping you from getting the job. This way, you can maximize your success by leveraging this resource. By doing this, you’ll be able to optimize the way that you present yourself on your resume for recruiters and hiring managers. 

You can use it as a tool to make sure you’re including recruiter-friendly keywords like ‘team player,’ ‘self-starter,’ and other words highlighted by recruiters because they know the best when it comes to matching candidates with companies. And by using this comparison feature, You can easily learn how your resumes stack up compared to others.

As a result, Score My Resume is great for both applicants that are just starting their careers and for experienced specialists that are looking to get an edge on the competition.

✔️ Score My Resume Pros

  • Free trial available
  • Compare resume
  • Useful suggestions for optimizing

❌ Score My Resume Cons

  • Costly pro version
  • No AI resume generator
  • Limited usage in the free trial

💲 Score My Resume Pricing

  1. Free 
  2. $49/month
  3. $99/3months
  4. $229/year


When it comes to finding a job, a resume is a key part of the application process. There are millions of job seekers who are looking for employment every day. The traditional resume and cover letter format are becoming less effective by the day and you need to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd. 

The problem is that many people wonder whether a resume is even still relevant in a world where AI is starting to take over. The truth is that a resume is still very relevant. The number of application processes that use AI is relatively small. Most recruiters and hiring managers prefer to work with a human being, so if you want to get noticed, you have to have a quality resume.

How do you make a quality resume that stands out from the crowd? Using Artificial Intelligence!

Resumes are the first thing the potential employer will look at to decide whether or not they want to interview you. If your resume is not up to par, you may miss out on the chance to interview with the company.

AI Resume Generators are one of the easiest ways to ensure that your resume is impressive and that you will be able to land an interview with top companies. Make your resumes grammatically correct with these AI-powered powerful grammar checking tools and write more efficiently with these best AI content writing and generation tools.

Many job seekers are now using AI Resume Generators and we hope that by reading our article you will benefit from the knowledge we have gathered and make an informed decision on whether these services can help you too.


What is an AI Resume Builder?

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools can help you create a resume that is tailored for your specific career and situation. Resume builders are AI-powered and are designed to help you create a resume that is capable of grabbing the attention of the hiring manager. You have to provide some details about yourself and your skills. Based on this information, the AI-powered resume builder will create your resume. It will also help you to find the right keywords for your resume. It will guide you to include the right keywords. With these tools, you can create a resume that is customized to employers and recruiters and increase your chances of landing a job interview. However, you should keep in mind that these tools are not as effective as a human resume writer.

How does AI Resume builder work?

Resume builder tools are essentially used to make your resume loading faster. They make it easy to manage your resume data. If you are tired of writing your resume by yourself, there is no need to worry. You can use an AI resume builder which will do all the work for you. You need to upload your resume to the AI resume builder, and it will generate a resume for you. The AI will follow your keywords and will give you a template for your resume. The AI will also help you create a new resume if you want a new job.

What’s the difference between an AI resume builder and a resume checker?

AI Resume Builder and Resume Checker: Are They the Same? Not quite. While both AI Resume Builders and Resume Checker tools work towards the same goal, they differ in functionality and features. An AI Resume Builder is a tool that automatically writes and designs a resume for you. It will pull information from your LinkedIn profile and present it in an attractive and well-organized format. A Resume Checker does the same thing, but it is different in how it presents your information. Instead of writing a resume for you, a Resume Checker will tell you if you have any mistakes in your existing resume. This is an invaluable tool for applying to some jobs that require a perfectly formatted, error-free resume.

How AI Resume Builder differs from a CV?

AI can now write a resume for you, and it is not a bad idea to use a resume builder. An AI resume builder is a great alternative for those who have a hard time with grammar and spelling. In fact, with a CV, you can do a lot of things, but with an AI resume builder, you can design a creative resume. The most important thing about the CV is to always check your grammar and spelling so that it is clear and easy to read.

When do you need an automatic resume builder?

When applying for multiple jobs, manual automation is an enormous pain. Having an automated resume builder that allows for multiple job applications to be submitted at the same time would certainly help eliminate some of the unnecessary stress associated with these situations. Until now, applying for jobs and getting selected for interviews has been quite tricky because of the number of demanding applicants who are trying to beat their way to each interview slot. Luckily, by using automatic resume-building tools, you won’t have any trouble improving your application odds by allowing yourself to apply automatically without lifting a finger!

What to look out for in resume builder tools?

Other than giving yours a makeover, the best way is to make sure your resume builder tool is one of the best AI Resume Builder tools. With the best tools, you can make sure your resume looks like a professional and not a machine wrote it. The best AI Resume Builder tools can help you create a resume that looks professional and appeals to employers. That way, you’ll be more likely to get an interview, and more interviews mean more jobs.

Which is the best AI resume builder?

Rezi is the best AI-catered resume builder, and it comes with a great free option that lets you get started without paying too much out of pocket. When you get more serious about building your resume, you’ll be glad to know that Rezi’s other versions are fairly priced based on your level of involvement with it. The resumes built with Rezi get direct access to job boards or you can opt to post the resume yourself on the boards of your choice which makes it highly popular among students, entry-level professionals, recruiters, managers looking for their next career opportunity in long-term objectives.

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