17 Best Powerful Online Grammar Checking Tools in 2022

Writing is an art, and it’s important to know how to improve your writing skills so that your work is more useful to the public. Posting content to your site or blog means it’s time to make sure you aren’t making basic mistakes like spelling errors or grammar mistakes since they easily discredit your entire writing piece. 

But do you have any idea how to check the grammar of your stories, publications, or social media? We can’t understate the importance of online grammar checking tools. To have a reader view your work as not sloppy, you need to choose a grammar checker that is suitable for your needs, so you can publish content that shines online.

No worries! With these online grammatical checking tools, you can ensure that your spelling is phonetically precise. If you’re researching different types of writing projects, you don’t have to worry about your content that seems messy or hectic if your grammar isn’t up to snuff.

Writers and bloggers should be constantly looking for tools that can help them write better. Typically, there are plenty of grammar checkers that will help with that aspect of the project, whether it be articles, blogs, or whatever writing projects you may focus on for this short amount of time you have to put out content.

As a blogger, we know that one of the best ways to ensure your blog posts are clear and easy to read is to make sure your grammar is correct. Many best AI blog writing tools help you check your grammar, but sometimes it is hard to find the best one for you.

Best Powerful Online Grammar Checking Tools

Everywhere in the world, numerous tools can help you write better. Some are expensive, others are free, but each can enhance your writing quality. Choosing the right tool can be overwhelmed with so many out there claiming to do the same thing, but what most people don’t realize is that there are key things you need to keep in mind when deciding which one suits your needs most.

Whoever you are, your grammar should be perfectly accurate. It is of great importance that you provide high-quality work. There are a lot of online grammatical checking tools available on the Internet, but it is difficult to find one that works best for you!

If you are looking for the best online grammar checking tools, then you are in the right place! In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best online grammar verification tools you can use for your blog posts content writing, essay writings, school homework, resume creation, creative works, research papers, and generals, or in novel writing. So let’s get started.

Top 17 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools for You

Grammarly – The World’s Best Grammar Checker

Grammarly Mistake Free Writing Assistant

Grammarly is one of the leading grammar and spell-checking tools in the market. It delivers exceptional performance, with 100% accuracy in grammar and spelling, while also suggesting contextual changes that would enhance the quality of your texts!

Grammarly is a powerful tool that can help you with all your content needs. If you are looking for a tool to help you with your grammar and spelling, Grammarly is a brilliant choice. Grammarly helped you with all your content needs.

Grammarly will help you write a better email or a better paper, with fewer mistakes. It is a great tool if you are a writer, editor, blogger, student, teacher, marketer, SEO professional, content marketer, or translator. It is a powerful grammar checker that can find many grammar and typo errors in your content.

This is a great tool if you want to avoid the public embarrassment of clumsy grammatical errors.

It can detect plagiarism and suggest wording replacements. Grammarly takes care of all your writing needs in English or multi-languages such as Australian, American, and British English and makes you a better writer. It’s a must-have tool for all your writing projects.

Grammarly has provisions for further suggestions for improving vocabulary according to the frequency with which certain words are used in your text. Finally, it comes with an accurate context feature that informs users when the incorrect use of homophones is taking place during editing.

One of our favorite aspects of Grammarly is that it supports writing across various browsers. Once you’ve added Grammarly to your browser of choice, you can check grammar on websites like Gmail or word docs.

As someone who has used Grammarly’s browser plugin every day, we think its customer support is impressive. Whenever we have questions, they are very helpful and respond within a day or two.

💡 Grammarly Features

Grammarly uses advanced Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing techniques to analyze your text and enhances the user experience of writing by helping them write clearer and more concise emails, blog posts, social media updates, and various other sorts of content.

The writing assistant tool highlights sentence structure and style issues and making suggestions to help you make your text more concise, clear, and understandable. It can even help you simplify things if needed.

  • Spelling, grammar, and contextual error checking
  • Multi-language support
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Content quality score
  • Easy integration with most business apps
  • Secure browser add-on
  • Entirely AI-based checking
  • Available on both desktop and mobile

💲 Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly has divided its plans across three tiers: Free, Premium, and Business.

Free accounts are available only to individual users, bloggers, or small businesses but still offer a wide range of features for completing quality assurance checks on written material.

Grammarly Premium offers a single-user grammar checker tool while the Small to mid-sized writing teams benefit from the Grammarly Business plan that provides several tools for communication and document collaboration.

For larger teams, it’s better if you opt for the Business plan. Here’s a quick rundown on each of them!

  1. Free Plan at $0/month
    • Basic grammar, spelling, and punctuation checking
    • Limited quality, clarity, and delivery tone detection
    • Single user only
  2. Premium Plan starting at $11.66/month
    • Plagiarism detection
    • Advanced writing suggestions
    • Single user only
  3. Business Plan starting at $12.50/user/month
    • Dedicated admin panel
    • Centralized billing and priority email support
    • For teams of three or more members

G2 Rating: 4.6/5

📢: When you decide to use Grammarly, be sure to grant yourself access via mobile device if possible because it helps to write better on mobiles!

ProWritingAid – AI Writing Tool Professional Writers

ProWritingAid - Grammar checker, Style editor, and Writing mentor

ProWritingAid is the best AI content writing tool for students and professional writers.

Spellcheckers find errors you missed, but they don’t improve your writing style.ProWritingAid does both with the grammar checker, style editor, and teacher you need to be a stronger writer.

ProWritingAid is a free tool for writers that checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, readability, theme, word choice, character development, plot development, story structure, and even plagiarism.

ProWritingAid is a guide that can help you become a better writer by providing the feedback you need to improve your writing. After you’ve entered your text, it’ll take a few moments for ProWritingAid to scan your document.

With 20 different reports tailored to help your writing, explore everything ProWritingAid offers! ProWritingAid is compatible with the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish.

💡 ProWritingAid Features

ProWritingAid (PWA) won’t mess with your writing. It’s not a grammar checker. ProWritingAid won’t tell you every word you use is wrong. It won’t tell you that you used “which” when you should have used “that.” ProWritingAid is an editor that helps you improve your writing.

It helps you master one of the most important skills you need to be an excellent writer: writing clearly. It doesn’t care about style, voice, or grammar.

It doesn’t care whether you capitalize “i” or “you.” It only cares about one thing: clarity. ProWritingAid’s a tool that lets you edit, rewrite, and improve your writing by focusing on a single aim: making your writing clear.

  • Spelling and grammar errors
  • Poor word choice
  • Sticky sentences that slow your reader down
  • Vague and abstract words
  • Duplicated words and phrases
  • Past and present tense consistency
  • Overall readability of your content.

ProWritingAid integrates with Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and most web browsers, and you can download their Desktop App for Windows (but not Mac). Or you can upload your documents to its web-based editor.

💲 ProWritingAid Pricing

ProWritingAid comes with two plans: Free and Premium

  1. Free Plan
    • 500 words check with web-based checker
    • Basic browser extension for checking spelling and grammar online
  2. Premium Plan
    1. Monthly Plan at $20/month
    2. Yearly Plan at $79/year
    3. Lifetime Plan at $399 (one-time payment)
    4. Individual Business Plan at $6/month
    5. Business Teams Plan at $8/user/month (minimum two users, billed annually).
    6. Enterprise Plan at custom rates

📢: The service also provides discounts for students and bulk purchases.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Linguix – Free Content Writing Assistance

Linguix Free Content Writing Assistance

A clean, crisp copy is great. When you combine that with an AI-based writing assistant that does the copyediting as you type, it’s simply more delicious.

When you’ve ever sent out an email to an important client or your boss only to realize you’ve made a mistake in it afterward, don’t fret. You are not alone (sorry for the inconvenience).

If you’ve ever written anything and then realized that you spell-checked it but forgot to do a spelling and grammar check too! It can be embarrassing but we know you’re not alone in this one.

Meet Linguix. A great alternative to Grammarly or ProWritingAid.

💡 Linguix Features

Language is like food. It should make us healthier, not make us sick. Linguix checks your writing for spam and provides grammar, punctuation, style, and vocabulary recommendations to improve your writing.

  • Automatically check grammar, punctuation, and style on your favorite sites with the Linguix browser extension
  • Write and learn from your own repetitive mistakes by taking personalized and gamified language training.
  • Automate everyday typing tasks with shortcuts. Expand longer texts with one-word shortcuts and save tons of time!
  • Get context-appropriate writing recommendations and speed up your process with intelligent snippets

💲 Linguix Pricing

Linguix offers three plans: Free, Premium, and Team

  1. Free Plan(Free Forever)
    • Basic writing corrections
    • Spelling
    • Grammar
    • Punctuation
  2. Premium Plan at 18.95$/month
    • Everything in Free Plan
    • Check grammar on millions of websites, write faster, enjoy advanced security
    • Everything in Free
    • Additional advanced suggestions
    • Paraphrasing tool
    • Word definitions
    • Content shortcuts for faster typing
    • Writing insights on the go
    • Private mode
    • Synonyms
    • Folders in the web app
    • Writing resources library
  3. Team Plan at 10$/month/member
    • Everything in Premium Plan
    • Style guides, team management, shared documents & writing insights
    • Style guides
    • Team management
    • Shared documents
    • Account roles and permissions
    • Analytics dashboard
    • Centralized billing
    • Priority email support

G2 Rating: 4.5/5

Ginger – Free Online Grammar Checker

Ginger - Free Online Grammar Checker

If you need to check for grammar errors, make sure you check out the free Ginger software!

Ginger is a free online grammar checker. It also has a free online spellchecker. It can check grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, run-on sentences, subject-verb agreement, and correct sentence formation, etc. 

The spellchecker can detect misspellings, incorrect verb tenses, missing words, etc. Ginger checks for plagiarism, grammar, spelling, homophones, etc. Students, writers, editors, authors, business owners, etc can use it.

It’s great for conscientious writers who want their writing to be passably well-formed. The advantage over other tools is that it provides explanations and corrections – saving extra time by allowing you to take care of your problem areas immediately! 

The Ginger grammar checker is free online! Boost your writing productivity and stay professional with the help of Ginger today!

But the paid version of Ginger Free Grammar Checker brings you the most convenient options of grammar checking as well as plagiarism checking.

You can get your file proofread in a matter of a few minutes, even as you are typing.

With Ginger, the AI-powered writing assistant corrects your texts, improves your style, and boosts your creativity. Boost your creativity and style with smart alternatives, like rephrase. The magic of Ginger’s AI suggests inspiring alternatives for conveying your intended message. It’s useful for streamlining wordy sentences.

Ginger aims to provide a wide variety of tools for people who have a passion for improving their English language skills.

To do so, Ginger provides grammar checkers and word choice suggestions, and training practices that can show you how to use various language features better.

If you aim to communicate with other people from around the globe, then this could be exactly what you need!

Ginger is a smart writing center that provides you with real-time feedback as you write.

This all-in-one tool helps ESL learners become more confident writers and gives businesses instant improvements to the quality of their content.

💡 Ginger Features

Ginger helps cut the mustard in grammar check software. It gives you all your heretofore and but never leaves you with too many hats. And while Ginger can sometimes be picky about its semis, it’ll never get confused by the punctuation that goes into adverbs. And if you ask Ginger to critique your content, it’ll even give good adverbs – just like the brightest minds of tomorrow!

  • Correct many grammar mistakes–from spelling and punctuation to word choice and style 
  • Improve your writing skills with tailored practice exercises 
  • All-in-one tool with style checker and word choice suggestions
  • Speed up your editing features like AI sentence rephrase, text reader, and contextual synonyms 
  • Personal English trainer offering practices to polish your skills
  • Real-time check as you write
  • It provides translations for over 40 languages, allowing you to communicate in multiple languages.
  • The free version includes three writing tools, an editing window with translations, a dictionary, and a thesaurus.
  • The premium version includes a “personal trainer” to improve your English. The trainer provides “personalized practice sessions based on your own writing” and is like having a virtual writing tutor.

💲 Ginger Pricing

Ginger offers two plans: Free, Premium

  1. Free Plan (Free Forever)
    • Limited Grammar Checker
    • Definitions
    • Limited Synonyms Inputs
    • Limited Rephrase Sentence
    • No Translation
  2. Premium Plan ($19.99/month or $149.76/year or 239.76/2years)
    • Unlimited AI-powered Grammar Checker
    • Definitions
    • Unlimited Synonyms Inputs
    • Unlimited Rephrase Sentence
    • Translate into 40+ languages

Whitesmoke – Perfect Your English Writing

Whitesmoke - English Grammar Correction Tool

WhiteSmoke is one of the world’s leading grammar and proofreading solutions, especially for the workplace. It’s great for non-native speakers, students, professional writers, businesses, etc. because it helps them to eliminate errors in writing. 

WhiteSmoke offers technical proofreading solutions to meet the demands of the business world. Using this software means businesses will never have to regret publishing something written in haste or errors bought upon inexperience.

Whitesmoke is a free online grammar checker that helps you improve your writing.

Whitesmoke checks for spelling mistakes, capitalization errors, punctuation mistakes, word form errors, word usage mistakes, syntax errors, punctuation mistakes, run-on sentences, comma splices, subject-verb agreement mistakes, adjectives, and adverbs mistakes, etc. 

The Whitesmoke checks your writing for spelling, grammar, and style mistakes. The Whitesmoke tool also highlights the mistakes and offers suggestions for corrections, to make your writing clear and effective. 

WhiteSmoke is incredibly useful in both personal and business settings. The software gives you all the help you need in editing prose with a built-in dictionary and there are several other useful features including a translation checker, a grammar tool that offers four different levels of correct, and an outlay section to show you how accurate your edits have been.

💡 Whitesmoke Features

  • Whitesmoke uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, featuring unique and patented artificial intelligence and algorithms for text analysis.
  • Detects hundreds of previously undetected errors.
  • Redesigned layout and user experience tested and proven to increase efficiency.
  • Rebuilt from the ground up to improve performance and provide additional information on each error.

The Web version of WhiteSmoke has the following features:

  • Grammar checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Translator

💲 Whitesmoke Pricing

Whitesmoke offers three plans: Web, Premium, and Business

  1. Web at $10/month
    • Grammar Checker
    • Plagiarism Checker (500 credits available)
    • Translator
  2. Premium at $13.33/month
    • Grammar Checker
    • Plagiarism Checker (500 credits available)
    • Translator
    • One-click instant Proofreading
    • Integrated with all writing platforms
    • 1-Computer License
  3. Business at $22.99/month
    • Grammar Checker
    • Plagiarism Checker (500 credits available)
    • Translator
    • One-click instant Proofreading
    • Integrated with all writing platforms
    • 3-Computer License
    • Phone Customer Support
    • Extended Download Warranty



Beewriter is an ultimate writing assistant that comes up with some powerful suggestions to help you review your written content. It helps you establish a baseline for the integrity of your words for any kind of prose, be it an essay or fiction, so there’s no chance you accidentally let anything slide through the cracks. 

Beewriter is a powerful writing specialist, who comes up with ideas for different ways to phrase your written thoughts and also makes sure you are structuring your work correctly.

Beewriter is an excellent writing tool that suggests words when you pause for a moment of inspiration. As you write, Beewriter will give suggestions for different ways to put your thoughts down on paper. If you have trouble expressing yourself using correct grammar, Beewriter can catch mistakes before they get published.

Beewriter utilizes cutting-edge language technology to provide innovative tools which help you express yourself better in the written word, ensuring that your thoughts are conveyed exactly as you wish. Beewriter helps save you time when editing or revising your work by suggesting alternative words using the power of statistical machine learning so that your writing is always spot-on. With Beewriter by your side, you can be confident that you’ll always find the perfect words to express yourself.

  • Provides numerous suggestions for any kind of writing
  • Includes many grammar and writing notes to point out the reasons behind potential flaws
  • Fixes unusual grammar mistakes that other tools don’t detect
  • Statistical analysis of your writing to help you understand how it will be perceived
  • Support for 6 languages with more on the way

💲 Beewriter Pricing

Beewriter offers a 14-day free trial followed by two paid plans:

  1. Basic at $5/month
  2. Premium at $10/month

Paperrater – Free Online Proofreader

Paperrater - Free Online Proofreader

PaperRater is an effective program with restrictions because of its audience. It’s a one-of-a-kind online plagiarism checker that has its benefits in terms of language editing and plagiarism detection.

PaperRater is a service that checks for plagiarism, using the search indexes of Google and Bing, two of the world’s most popular search engines.

PaperRater is an online proofreading tool that shows you your mistakes and suggests corrections to them. It can handle basic spelling and grammar checks, as well as complex issues, such as plagiarism and word choice. 

It’s popular among college students; it’s the place to go when in need of professional text editing for essays, documents, or grammar checking. PaperRater draws upon the databases of popular search engines to cover an array of internet real estate when finding sources that might harbor plagiarized material.

PaperRater highlighted all edits with a few different colors, depending on the severity of the edit.

💲 Paperrator Pricing

PaperRater offers a free grammar check tool for writers to improve their written documents. To avail of extra features, writers can upgrade to the Premium version.

  1. Monthly: $11.21/month (Total $134.52)
  2. Yearly: $71.55/year

Free online grammar checking tools like PaperRater can help you polish your texts by identifying and flagging punctuation issues. If you’re serious about perfecting your English writing skills, why not try out PaperRater’s paid services? Premium version contains:

  • Plagiarism Check & Proofreading
  • Matching Text Displayed in a Plagiarism check
  • Unlimited File Uploads
  • Facts-Processing and Checking
  • Ad-Free Services

Writer – AI Grammar Checker

Writer - Free AI Grammar Checker

A writer is an AI-driven copyeditor tool designed to help businesses maintain consistency in their communications no matter who writes. A free grammar checker and proofreader, it helps improve your word usage, tense, and punctuation in any English text.

The brains of on-demand writing assistants like Writer are constantly learning, improving their abilities to expect mistakes made by writers on large projects. Create beautiful, consistent marketing copy easier than ever before with this intuitive online tool that will give your customers a great experience, whether they’re on your site or social media.

What sets Writer apart from other grammar checkers is that it lets you set your writing style by integrating your style guide for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Writer offers a range of styles for your writing, including business, creative, technical, creative fiction, formal creative, informal creative, light tones, and even drama/tragedy. You can choose not to have it correct any mistakes too.

Writer also offers lots of topics to try so you aren’t repeating yourself when you create something new such as education, healthcare. If this wasn’t enough options there is also latitude and longitude, so no matter where in the world you are writing from or for people who speak your language, it will adapt the language correctly.

Writer’s unique feature is its ability to tailor itself to the preferences of individual users, setting their own rules for specific styles, including tone. Writer allows you to customize it to your writing style, doing away with unsightly red lines and correcting mistakes while adding an air of professionalism. This software allows users to adjust the formal-to-informal tilt, set social media preferences, manage lingo, and reply or ignore queries through content feedback options.

Writer offer suggestions and corrections in real-time based on the rules specified in your style guide. This real-time feedback ensures that no matter who is writing, it’s always in line with your brand guidelines.

💲 Writer Pricing

  1. Free Plan
    • Autocorrect
    • Grammar
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation
    • Data security & privacy
  2. Pro Plan at $11/month
    • Everything in Free, plus:
    • Clarity
    • Delivery
    • Inclusivity
    • Snippets
    • Writing style configuration
    • Plagiarism
  3. Team Plan at $18/user/month
    • Everything in Pro, plus:
    • Multiplayer mode
    • Styleguide documentation site
    • Team Snippets
    • Terminology management
    • Team roles and permissions
    • Quality reports and analytics
    • Google and Okta single sign-on
  4. Enterprise (Contact Sales)
    • Everything in Team, plus:
    • Multiple teams and style guides under single organization
    • Custom writing style rules
    • Styleguide implementation and customization
    • License utilization report
    • SAML-based single sign-on
    • Enterprise-wide admin panel
    • API
    • Dedicated customer success rep

LanguageTool – Online Grammar, Style and Spell Checker

LanguageTool - Online Grammar, Style and Spell Checker

With the increasing globalization and the number of different people openly expressing their observations and opinions, While Grammar checking is used to find mistakes in written work, including spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, and grammar mistakes, LanguageTool has become a very well-known grammar checker in the industry. 

LanguageTool proofreads, check your work, and fix common grammar or stylistic issues in over 20 languages. It’s ideal for proofreading business documents, websites, blogs, email messages, and any other type of text production that requires an advanced grammar checker.

It also shows you statistics about the checked text. You can access LanguageTool from any web browser, installing nothing.

The company is open to collaboration and welcomes any individual or business owners who would like to take advantage of their outstanding software that focuses primarily on checking grammatical, spelling, and writing issues for over 20 languages and their variations. 

These include English, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Italian, and several others.

💡 LanguageTool Features

  • LanguageTool is an open-source grammar editing software. It supports multiple languages – online and offline! This program can be downloaded for use on your computer to edit grammar when there’s no internet connection available.
  • On top of that, this powerful grammar editor comes with a vast dictionary that makes overall editing much easier when words are hard to determine origins for.
  • For all your language editing and correction needs, Language Tool has a spectacular app available with a suite of features and services.
  • LanguageTool features a nifty auto-detect feature that prevents users from making mistakes and inputting unwanted characters into their texts.
  • LanguageTool allows users to quickly figure out their location so that it can automatically choose the correct default language settings.

💲 LanguageTool Pricing

LanguageTool is free to use but, if you want to get the best experience possible, you’ll get access to all of its premium features with a LanguageTool Subscription:

  1. Monthly at $19/month
  2. Three-month pack at $39/3months
  3. Annual at $59/year

Scribens – Powerful Online Grammar Checker

Scribens - Powerful Online English Grammar Checker

Scribens are an amazing free tool for people to use if they need a grammar checker. While it does not offer much in terms of plagiarism or translator services, it provides excellent grammatical explanations when you make spelling mistakes. 

Scribens are excellent for people who use English as a first language, but specifically, the spell-checking aspect of the program works well. Scribens is an English grammar checker that focuses primarily on checking to spell but also does general grammatical checks for slang words or typing errors.

This means that users can quickly fix things like tense issues in the past or present, or spelling mistakes without having to trawl through reams of text. Spell-checks are often caught by many tools, so this is where Scribens excels over its alternatives.  

For people who are looking for something free to use when writing documents for school or work, this is an excellent choice because Scribens’s limited features are very helpful when correcting spelling errors.

Scribens works well for students doing research paper-type projects where they need basic grammar checking facilities.

Before using any other grammar software, try this one first because Scribens comes with better alerts and explanations. Another great thing about SCRIBENS is that all the checks are Free!

💲 Scribens Pricing

Scribens is free to use, with affordable premium plans:

  1. Free Plan
    • Correction of spelling and grammar
    • Access to dictionaries
    • Grammar rules
  2. Premium Plan at €9.90/month or €19.90/3months or €49.90/months
    • All Free Plan features included
    • Text checks up to 200,000 characters (approx. 50 pages).
    • Checks twice as fast for medium and long texts.
    • Scribens plugins for Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and LibreOffice.
    • Direct correction of your e-mails without copying and pasting
    • Messaging: Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.
    • 90% of text zones on the Internet: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, forums, forms, etc.
    • Backup and management of recent texts.
    • Premium version for French language
    • No advertising

Reverso – Your Writing Coach, Powered by AI

Reverso - Online English Grammar, Spell Checker

If you are interested in writing in multiple languages, Reverso is a handy tool that can help you write well. Its grammar and context editing is astounding. If you ever want to take a break from editing, then use the built-in translator when reading text in your native language. To summarize it all up, there is no other word tool that provides such useful features in a single package.

With Reverso, you can easily write in multiple languages, from Portuguese to English for example. Note that the automatic conversion provided by this tool is very efficient and a great help if it has given you a large document in a language you only understand partially.

Reverso is a smart grammar checker. It detects and removes language errors in all languages it supports. This app can proofread your documents in over fifty different languages. Besides being a proofreading and grammar checker, Reverso is also a multiple-language translator. It specializes in French to English translation and vice versa.

Besides supporting French, it also supports Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and more. This indeed separates Reverso from any other grammar checker online as it can translate into 11 different languages.

Hemingway Editor App

Hemmingway Editor based around Ernest Hemingway’s iconic writing style

There are a lot of writing apps out there these days, and each one has its little twist. Some focus on the organization while others make it easy to go from draft to publish-ready. With so many options available, Hemingway is one of the unique because who could resist the appeal of writing like Hemingway?

Hemmingway Editor is a free, online content editing software that checks for reading ease, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Hemingway’s editor is based on Ernest Hemingway’s ironic writing style. It is a website where users can learn how to write well and also edit their content.

The Hemmingway powerful editor lets you severe sentences with content-robbing words, fix passive voice, and wanton repetition of weak adverbs. The Hemmingway Editor is a great tool for students, freelancers, bloggers, and anyone who writes regularly.

💡 Hemmingway Editor Features

Hemmingway brought to life the fundamentals of great writing. Formatting buttons along the top of the screen make it easy for you to change how your text looks, whether you want to make it look bold, italic, or underlined, set your headings, links, or quotes. Reading through your work with ease, Hemmingway helps you fix up poor grammar or spelling mistakes right away without getting too technical about it.

Hemingway Editor is a great minimalist tool designed to avoid clutter and provide only the most used functions. The guiding philosophy in its design is to concentrate on either formal or informal writing and to not leave in-between writing in all the unnecessary elements that distract from good, quality content. This app is truly about writing and writing only.

  • Free to try out, and inexpensive to buy the full version
  • Points out common stylistic and grammatical errors
  • Easy way to check your reading level
  • Provides an estimated reading time

💲 Hemingway Editor Pricing

You can use a free version of the app right on the website. Or if you’d rather work offline, you can buy a standalone version for a one-time purchasing fee of $19.99.

Slick Write – Check Your Grammar in Seconds

Slick Write - Check Your Grammar and Proofread Your Text in Seconds

Slick Write is a free online proofreading tool that checks your writing for grammar and spelling errors, potential stylistic mistakes and includes other exciting features like the Associator, a great resource to use for essay writing prompts. Slick Write makes it easy to critique different writing genres and styles by customizing the grammar checker with fiction, resume, report writing, and more.

Slick Write is a tool that lets you enter text and edit it anytime you like. It also has the option to receive tips, which come in different styles depending on what kind of writing you need to perform. You can use this tool for creative writing or essay writing, all the way to the basics. Whether you want to write fiction or search for editing options, Slick Write will always provide support to your work.

Slick Write is an online writing application that provides accessibility features for writers of all ability levels. It will help you develop your skills by providing feedback while editing your work, while also offering some helpful statistics regarding effectiveness within four categories (features, sentence structure, quotes, vocabulary).

This app works as your editor, working with you to improve writing skills through its critique and statistics; it is up to you to edit and improve based on its feedback and stats. This method helps you identify common errors so that you can correct them moving forward.

Slick Write is a powerful tool for product managers. You can use it to edit your work or learn from the mistakes you made while writing. This method helps you identify your errors, and you can learn by improving your writing based on SlickWrite’s feedback.

The submission limit is 30,000 words or 200,000 characters, which is a large chunk of a manuscript. Most essays, web pages, blog posts, white papers, case studies, and articles have a much lower word count with many coming in at 10,000 words but this is according to their respective guidelines. If you’re writing a novel then uploading a few chapters at a time works well as long as the full book isn’t submitted immediately.

The Slick Write software is web-based and integrates online with WordPress, Open Office, and Libre Office. No downloading is necessary; you use the free software online.

After the Dead Line

After the Deadline is a powerful tool that helps you write better by adding spell, style, and grammar checking to almost any web application.

In short, it is a good online proofreading tool for WordPress integration using a plugin. It also provides extensive grammar checks for French, Spanish, and German besides English, and it’s free! 

It’s free to use, but if you have Jetpack installed on your blog, there are some additional features you can access through it. You don’t need to pay for an account or subscription to use it – just install the plugin for your WordPress app and then click “Check my draft”!

We know you’ll love how it makes your writing look so much more professional without needing to buy anything.



In simple terms, GrammarChecker is a text editor that helps you detect and fix English grammatical errors by using the same comprehensive engine as that of Grammarly which is famous for correcting even complex grammatical mistakes.

It’s easy for high school students who are looking to communicate more effectively to use this tool which comes with a simple UI and no additional features – but a free version can be upgraded for a deep check for a small period every day. If you decide to upgrade, your page will automatically be redirected to the subscription page of Grammarly where you have access to all its extra features.

Online Correction

Online Text Correction

Besides being a simple language editor, Online Correction is a more wide tool in English itself. It specializes in tackling multiple accents of English such as American, British, Australian, New Zealand, and South African English.

You can find a lot of corrections in these dialects. Including the various facets of the English language gives this tool an edge.

It’s important to note that not all variations of the English language are treated the same way with grammar and spelling rules – that’s why most users who speak another language use this service for their preferred dialect depending on where they’re from or how they learned the language to make sure they type out their thoughts correctly without making any mistakes.

Grammar Check – Small SEO Tools

Grammar Check – Small SEO Tools

When was the last time you checked your grammar?

Did you know that while grammar may seem like a simple subject, there is an entire world of patterns and rules to learn about it which can come in handy when writing a variety of original pieces, including reviews, articles, essays, and many more?

Would you like to learn how to effectively edit content so that you can be well-prepared before sending off an article for publishing or sharing with teachers and colleagues?

Take advantage of the Small SEO Tools grammar checker: it offers superb features such as direct online access, instant result delivery, and much more!

Unlike other grammar checkers, our product provides a unique function to make your English a lot more readable and clear. In addition to those more basic editing functions, small SEO tools grammar checker provides a unique ‘Read Time’ and ‘Spoken Time’ feature that helps you control readability as well as making sure that your content is understandable by an audience! 

This may be a lot helpful when writing speeches or stories as then you can ensure they are communicated in a way so as many people can follow them easily. This will be especially helpful for those whose first language is not English and who are looking to learn about punctuation rules in English.


We all make spelling and grammar mistakes, and it’s really hard to check your writing because you’re too close to it. We use certain words incorrectly or make mistakes in our writing. It is important to make sure our writing is free of mistakes, especially for bloggers who are looking to improve their grammar or spelling. 

The best way to improve your writing is to get other people to check it. The best way to get other people to check it is to use a grammar checker online tool. Each of us has different preferences on which tools we use to make our writing is as perfect as possible. 

It can be confusing for people to choose a grammar checker. With so many out there in the market today, it takes time and research to decide which one(s) are best suited for you.

Some web-based applications can help you get the punctuation, grammar, spelling and other writing basics you need to protect yourself professionally. Grammarly is an efficient proofreader that will assist you with different types of issues while creating content for your website. It also comes with a lot of other impressive features which are very useful if you’re trying to create something amazing for your audience.

ProWritingAid and WhiteSmoke are other great alternatives should you be interested in trying something a bit different, but Grammarly‘s unique approach of being able to spot problem areas without even needing any additional information from you might just help you save some time. 

Writer is certainly a great option for business owners who want to deliver a message that they can feel confident in presenting clearly and concisely. It has many of the features that larger companies would need from one of their vendors

LanguageTool and Reverso are both powerful, up-to-date grammar checkers with an impressive array of features to help you find any mistakes you may have made. Although they offer similar support for several languages, their differences may make them better suited for different writing tasks. LanguageTool is compatible with more languages than Reverso and has fairly high limitations.

However, if you prefer to use a content generator with one of these tools, consider using our favorite content generation software list – the best among Best Artificial Intelligence Content Writing And Generation Softwares.

Check these Best Professional AI Resume Builder Tools and with the help of the above-mentioned grammar checker tools make them error-free.

We hope this article has helped you find some great tools to help improve your grammar, spelling, and writing. If you have questions regarding writing or grammar, please contact us anytime in the comment section. Thank you for reading, it always excited us when our articles can provide useful information on any topic!


What is Grammar Checker Software?

A grammar checker software is used to evaluate the writing and editing of documents and emails. It can detect and correct common spelling and grammatical errors as well as check for punctuation, sentence structure, capitalization, syntax, and word choice. Some programs provide text expansion options that allow for time-saving by automatically replacing long phrases or words with shorter ones based on context.

How Grammar Checker Works?

A grammar checker tool features various online dictionaries that help you find each sentence in a text and look up each word that appears in the sentence. They can parse the sentence into a form that matches the grammar using various rules and algorithms to detect multiple errors, like agreement in tense, number, word order, etc.

What are the Benefits of Grammar Checking Software?

The main benefit of a grammar checker is accuracy. If you have a lot of work to do, a grammar checker will help you out. It will help you to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation so you can be confident that your work is perfect. Whether you’re a blogger, a writer, or a student, a grammar checker can help you. They can help you to improve your grammar and they can help you to avoid mistakes.

  • Saving editing time by having the program proofread your work first.
  • Helps you to improve readability, so writing appeals to the intended audience.
  • Learning better Grammar by paying attention to suggested corrections.
  • Improving your writing skills by learning from and correcting your mistakes.
  • Helps you to avoid plagiarism as it also correct plagiarism mistakes.

Why Should You Use a Grammar Checker?

A grammar checker can help you if you’re writing something and aren’t sure if it’s 100% correct. It will save you time by going through what you’ve written and suggesting appropriate replacements so that you can edit your content as you go along, and you may save some time by scanning what you’ve written throughout the day, ensuring that your project is free of mistakes if possible. Furthermore, it usually includes a brief intro on some of the most common mistakes one might make during communications throughout their day which helps with gradual correction if need be. It can also teach you new educational information on different conversational strategies as well as proper structure. The more often a spell checker is used, the quicker one’s writing can improve with time.

Is It Necessary to Buy a Premium for a Grammar Tool?

The free grammar checker tools are not the best option for everyone. The premium tools are beneficial for everyone who wants to take better care of their writing. There are only a few grammar checkers tools that are truly useful. Don’t waste money on tools that are not useful! Grammarly is one of the best free grammar checkers, however, it is important to check your writing regularly. The free tools give you a quick fix. The premium tools provide you with a more in-depth analysis.

Can a Grammar Checker Replace a Human Proofreader?

While it is possible to have a spell checker application for detecting spelling errors, it is not nearly as helpful or accurate when it comes down to grammar or punctuation errors. Human proofreaders are the best option for catching mistakes that your software doesn’t know how to pick up on. For students, this means that if you’re writing an essay type of work, then you may be able to get away with having only a spell checker installed. However, for professional writers like yourself, knowing that there are no grammar or punctuation problems makes you more credible and helps them get their point across more coherently. While the most well-known grammar checking apps are powerful, they cannot be infallible. They do, after all, run through your content with an extensive list of spelling errors. Professional human proofreaders can catch what they sometimes miss.

Are Grammar Checker Dictionaries Reliable?

Frequently, a lot of grammar-checking software applications have similar dictionaries. Some are huge, whereas others are more limited. Regardless, they will tend to vary in some way. Most of us know that diction is certainly an important aspect of good editing.

Does Grammar Checker Software Allow a Personal Dictionary?

Some grammar checker tools like Grammarly and ProWritingAid provide a personal dictionary. However, all the grammar check tool does not provide that option. Grammar checkers are limited to simple fixes, meaning they are unable to mark errors that make sense in context or are not conventionally classified as mistakes. 

How Do I Check My Grammar on Google?

Some may not know this, but you can always rely on Google’s spell check to ensure your English is top-notch. Not only is the spell checker convenient, but it covers most of the basic grammar errors people make when writing English, which is important if you want to make sure the documents you create are both clear and professional. While Google docs are likely to catch most spelling errors, however, despite a smarter algorithm than most grammar checkers, there are certainly cases where it can be fooled!

How Can I Check My Grammar Online?

Many leading grammar checker tools offer an online service allowing you to work on your English whilst you’re at home or work. You just need to visit their website and insert the text you want to be checked into the designated section, then watch for highlighted mistakes and judicious corrections to be made out.

Is it Safe to Check Grammar Online?

Most grammar checking services agree with privacy laws. They have strict privacy policies that they abide by as well as checks and balances in place to ensure employees do not have access to the content you create. If you so choose, you can delete any content you store on their servers at your leisure.

Is There a Better Grammar Checker Than Grammarly?

For users who require more advanced features, ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, and Ginger are the best alternatives to Grammarly. For example, if you need language translation or error checking in multiple languages that can be accomplished by LanguageTool or Reverso.

What Kinds of Errors Does Grammarly Detect and Correct?

Grammarly checks for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style errors. It finds comma splices, run-on sentences, subject-verb agreement, and more. It finds errors in word use, sentence structure, and spelling, including commonly confused words. It also finds stylistic problems, including passive voice, adverb abuse, excessive adverbs, and wordy phrases. Grammarly checks for plagiarism or corrects your content for you.

Grammarly most notable features include:

  • Punctuation checker for missing commas and periods
  • Grammar checker for misspellings
  • Detecting an overuse of particular words or phrases
  • Passive voice detection
  • Word order and type correction, such as subject-object agreements and adverb placements
  • Style detector, with a focus on simplifying writing to fit the general audience better

Grammarly helps your words flow better, suggests more active vocabulary (optional for some types of writing), and has an expanded word base to keep the audience in the know.

What is the Most Accurate Grammar Checker?

Following are some of the best grammar checker software:

  1. Grammarly – Our personal favorite, The Best All-Around Grammar Checker Software
  2. ProWritingAid – Best for Long Form Contents and Built-In Writing Tutor
  3. Ginger – Inexpensive Grammar Corrector
  4. WhiteSmoke – Best Multilingual Grammar Checker (55 Languages)
  5. Linguix
  6. Beewriter
  7. Slick Write
  8. Sapling
  9. Hemingway App

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